Cell Tower Location Map

  • America Cell Tower Map Released

    The American Cell Tower Map has been released to the PathRF webpage. The American Cell Tower Map is now hosted on SCADACore. Provider filtering and Radio information will follow shortly.

  • Canadian Cell Tower Map

    The Canadian Cell Tower Map is now hosted on SCADACore. Please wait while we redirect you.

    The Canadian Cell Tower Map allows users to quickly browse through tens of thousands of towers. The slideout on the left allows users to filter between 15 of the biggest providers in canada both regional and national. Zooming in and clicking on a provider icon will display information on the tower.

    We are constantly working to make our product better and welcome any input and suggestions, please direct questions or requests to our forum: http://pathrf.com/forum/cellular-maps

  • Canadian Cell Tower Map Released

    PathRF has released the new Canadian Cell Tower Map, which is now hosted on SCADACore, featuring filtering for all major national and regional cellular providers.

  • Cell Tower Map Path Study Feature Added

    PathRF has added a path line of site feature for cell tower users in the field.

    The path study chart allows users to enter a GPS or Street address and map their location to a tower. The line of site chart is ideal for finding the best tower to point a directional antenna towards.

  • Cellular Path Studio

    The Cell Tower Locator is a paired down version of Path RF studios that allows users to map Cell tower path locations and distances across North America.

  • Path Study Consulting

    Path RF provides a full service Path Study Consulting.


    With a list of potential locations we will generate a report and recommend antenna hardware to ensure the best possible Radio and Cellular Reception.

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